Mike Weedon Antiques

We specialize in Emill Galle, Daum, Walter, Argy Rousseau, Rene Lalique, Loetz ,and other Art Nouveau and Art Deco glasses, Chiparus, Preiss, Lorenzl, Zack, and other Art Nouveau and Art Deco sculptures, and Art Nouveau pewter, WMF, and L&Co.

We also sell European ceramics, Meissen, Sevres, Worcester, Minton, and European glass, Baccarat, Saint Louis, Moser, Thomas Webb, Steven Williams, Powell, Walsh Walsh, and Antique lighting and Vaseline shades to the trade.

On our web site if there is a yellow mwg-mark mark, it's for sale.

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Latest Arrivals


13-10-17 UP Daum Nancy cameo and enameled glass poppy vase

08-10-17 UP Rene Lalique Pouilly pattern a Jug and 6 Water glasses
03-10-17 UP Art & Craft Vaseline clear glass shade with pattern
26-09-17 UP KPM Porcelain Plaque of a Woman holding a water jug
26-09-17 UP John Walsh Walsh Vaseline glass tea pot & cover with pattern

24-09-17 UP Baccarat glass vase engraved bird and flower

21-09-17 UP Emill Galle cameo glass wisteria vase with twin handles

21-09-17 UP Meissen porcelain part dessert service
12-09-17 UP A pair French Legras Gie enamelled glass fan shaped vases

08-09-17 UP James Powell a pair vaseline clear glass tumblers

20-08-17 UP Daum Nancy cameo glass autumn landscape vase

More Arrivals

15-10-17 UP
Nymphenburg porcelain part tea service hand painted floral designs
01-10-17 UP
Rene Lalique a pair clear glass menu holders "Pinsons"
25-09-17 UP
Thomas Webb & Sons Queen's Burmese Glass vase
20-08-17 UP
Baccarat set of green color Elisabeth champagne glasses
04-08-17 UP
A pair of Lobmeyr engraved wine glasses
03-08-17 UP
Baccarat set of 6 green color Elisabeth water glasses
29-07-17 UP
Art Craft Vaseline glass shade decorated with cherry
28-07-17 UP
Baccarat set of 6 green color Elisabeth glasses
18-06-17 UP
Escalier De Cristal set of 5 Champagne Glasses
13-06-17 UP
Baccarat French glass Bamboos swirl candlestick
02-06-17 UP
Minton porcelain cabinet plate, hand painted
25-05-17 UP
Royal Doulton stoneware jarinier with autum leaves

22-05-17 UP
Rene Lalique set of 4 Chinon dishes with pink staining


14-05-17 UP
Vaseline clear glass vase with three feet